After upgrading to 2.2 MOV files are now colour shifted

Hi there,

Previously I was running Tversity 1.9.7 (or the latest 1.x.x series) with CCCP 2011-11-11. I was able to stream all DivX, Xvid and Quicktime MOV files to my PS3 without any problems.

After upgrading to 2.2 I noticed that MKV and MOV files were appearing with shifted colours. Most of the image is in greyscale with these lines of magenta, yellow or aqua being banded down in jagged lines across the screen. You could still watch the file being streamed, but the colour was completely shifted.

So I removed CCCP and Tversity and reinstalled from scratch.

  1. Installed Tversity. It automatically installs its own codec pack.

  2. Uninstalled the Tversity codec pack and then rebooted.

  3. Installed CCCP and rebooted. Accepted all default CCCP configuration screen wizard settings

  4. Under the services control panel applet set the "C:\ProgramData\TVersity\Media Server\MediaServer.exe" to log on as a local account with admin access.

  5. Disabled the Windows Media Network sharing service

  6. My profiles.xml contains the followign settings for the PS3:

  1. Rebooted the machine.

Despite doing these steps, I still have a problem viewing MOV files properly. They stream perfectly, but the colour has shifted. DivX, xVid and MKV are working perfectly.

This issue is driving me nuts as MOV files could be displayed properly with the same version of CCCP, service and profiles.xml settings. The only thing that has changed is that I upgraded to 2.2

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.