Always Streams - Never Transcodes

I’m just trying to test via a web browser (Firefox) on the same LAN. It works, but takes forever for Windows Media Player to launch because it is downloading it and not streaming.

I check the software and it always says “Streaming” under the TVersity ‘Status’ screen no matter the file type. Even though I specifically set it to ALWAYS transcode. I even added a ‘test’ folder and set a few videos in that folder to ALWAYS trancode, but still it streams it.

I’ve tried .mov, .avi, and .mod (mpeg) (my home videos).

Eventually, I’d like to it transcode and stream across my home router. It’s unbearably slow across my DSL connection (512MB Upstream bandwidth) because it won’t transcode. I even set the video resolution to 160x120 to see if it would force transcoding and reduce bandwidth utilization, but it still streamed the original huge 50MB file.

What am I missing? Does TVersity only transcode certain file formats? Unlikely since I tried the "big 3" file video extensions.

Perhaps I need to use a DNLA device like my DirecTV receiver instead? Maybe then TVersity will transcode? (doesn’t support Firefox maybe?)

  • Running latest TVersity (as of 8/22/11)
  • Windows 7; 8 GB RAM
  • Shark007 Codec pack (installed before TVersity)
  • Noticed the Tversity codec pack was installed. Should I uninstall it to prevent conflict with Shark007?
  • Also have PlayOn & Orb installed. But disabled those in case of conflict.

Only other theory is I need to edit profiles.xml anbd add a Firefox profile. I’m a TVersity newbie, so still learning.

Thanks for the help Bill.

(you have to use an older copy of TVersity with a DirecTV receiver however)

I just tested my DirecTV receiver. It’s a HR21 I believe. Audio and photos work, but none of the videos I tried worked. Tried .avi, .mpg, and .wmv. Don’t remember exact DirecTV receiver error - just that playback failed.

Is this because I need an older version of TVersity? If so, where do I find it?

TVersity determines if transcoding is required by using the User-Agent header - in your case Mozilla - so no transcoding is needed. And the browser lets the operating system determine how to show the content. I believe downloading completely is how WMP works in general - technically TVersity is streaming but WMP is downloading the stream to a file - although I believe you could fake it out by copying the url and modifying from http:// to rtsp://.

If you really want to test out transcoding - yes a hardware UPnP/DLNA client would work (you have to use an older copy of TVersity with a DirecTV receiver however).

There is another long way you can check it out:

Open the profiles.xml file for TVersity ( in xp %PROGRAMFILES%\TVersity\Media Server or in Vista/7 %PROGRAMDATA%\TVersity\Media Server )
Look for a device you want to use and copy the id

Download and install VLC client and then open it

Back in firefox - open the html based TVersity interface (usually
Navigate in the browser to where the movie is located (as an example: Video>Video Indexes>All )

In the address bar you notice the address contains something like ‘id=/x/x/x…&pfid=&…’ - the pfid is the parameter you are interested in - paste in the id you copied from profiles and hit enter on the address. When it comes back if you hover of the links - they should look different and you can copy that link into VLC - you should see transcoding and streaming in TVersity status (unless it has already been transcoded and is being streamed from the cache)

If you search here for DirecTV you’ll probably get a version number that people agree is working for them. Then Google MIGHT get you a link to it at places where downloads are archived. Beware of fakes since for some reason not all links to TVersity downloads are legit…

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