BBC iPlayer

All of a sudden, for no reason I can work out, BBC iPlayer has stopped working on Tversity Pro for me. I can add feeds fine, it reports that it has successfully refreshed them etc but whether I try streaming them via my media player to the TV or, to test, to the Flash player on the PC, all I get is the iPlayer top bar and no video. TVersity reports that it is streaming the video, but nothing is shown.
This is true both for feeds (e.g. News, Drama etc) or for individual urls.
Everything else eg You Tube works fine.
I haven’t changed anything (codecs etc) on the pc.
Can anyone offer a suggestion?
By the way, I am viewing it, or trying to, from the U.K

Hello Chris

Did you ever get a response to this issue; is it related to IPlayer not supporting Flash…?