BlackBerry Playbook - APP Support Question

Hi Guys,

I’m thinking of submitting an app to the BlackBerry Playbook that is compatible with TVersity. Really, its compatible with any video streaming service. But I would really like to focus on TVersity because its my favorite.

Is there a legal risk if I put ‘tested to work on TVersity’ on my application? Could I call it TVersity Connector - as long as I disclaimer it as not being a TVersity created application?

I’m proposing that I provide full support for the connector, but advising them to refer to the TVersity website for setting up the server. It works quite well, but I hesitate because I don’t want to get into any legal issues…

I’m very interested in testing/buy the app as I want to make the PlayBook media experience more integrated at home, but I want to avoid transcoding as much as I can. Did you juggled with any specific PlayBook profile for your app?
Thanks, Wolf.

I haven’t tested it that carefully in non-transcoded mode - but because its Flash based for the communication stream, its going to transcode for you for the most part anyway.

So, if you leave the server is non-transcoded it will still do it on-the-fly for the PlayBook. I’ve tested it on OS 1.6, 1.7 and 2.0. I sent it to release anyway (didn’t hear back). But I made it a bit more general and allowed it to be used for any web-based dlna server.

I’ve optimized it quite a bit though by reducing some overhead, so the app pulls a pretty decent FPS even over the Internet :) But I love TVersity for its flexibility. And I hope this gets more people moving away from WMV and into TVersity directly.


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