Can Not connect with Wii - "Not secure"

Hi everyone, just a quick question, I have a home network, and tversity installled, I can happily use it on all other PC’s on my network using opera.

However when I try it on the wii, it says it cannot find it with an error of it being "not secure" ?

Can anyone help at all ?

Reference my last - yes there was the rogue https - which was causing all the problems, and now its working fine, although pretty rubbish quality … another thread I fear.


what a school boy error - a different set of eyes helps sometimes :mrgreen:

Ok here is a screenshot of the fault - 240023.

Like I say it will connect to all other PC’s, ie 2 wired ones and one wireless laptop. The wii will connect to other sites, ie google etc still.

The firewall rules for this computer allow tversity to move through it, and I even added a new rule to allow the port - 41952 free movement ?

Any ideas here would be great

https://localhost:41952/medialib/browse just clocks here. HTTPS is wrong. How did the S get added?...

Sorry you have lost me here, the S not sure - it was what I was told to add, and still works on PC’s - will try on wii, what do you mean by “clocks” - I purposely blanked half of my IP anyway?