Cannot create capture - Error 0x88780078

Yesterday I purchased the latest TVersity Pro. But while it sometimes starts after installing it doesn’t after a restart of my server.

Many people with the same problem but no solution was working for me yet. I tried to reinstall and that works one time and after a reboot it doesn’t start anymore. If I go to services and start it manual it says:

The TVersity Media Server service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.

Running it using -DEBUG gives the following:

Debugging TVersity Media Server.
before paHostApiInitializers[0].
after paHostApiInitializers[0].
before paHostApiInitializers[1].
Cannot create Capture for Primary Sound Capture Driver. Result = 0x88780078
after paHostApiInitializers[1].
before paHostApiInitializers[2].
after paHostApiInitializers[2].
Backtrace: (x10)
TerminateHostApis in
TerminateHostApis out

My server is running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64bit and I installed the K-lite codec pack. There are also two audio devices inside the server (use it also as mediaplayer next to my TV).

It has an AMD High Definition Audio Device and a Realtek High Definition Audio device. My default output of sound is the Realtek device with optical output.

Hope someone has some nice suggestions for me so I can have the server started again.

I don’t use uTorrent and the virusscanner is the Microsoft Essential one, already disabled it (and firewall) but no luck.

Looks like something gets corrupted and hence the server stops as soon as it starts. Can you help us fix it by generating logs? (instructions below)

Increasing the logging level for the TVersity Media Server:

  • Open in notepad a file called located in the installation folder of the software (typically \ProgramData\TVersity\Media Server or \ProgramData\TVersity\Screen Server) and change the word FATAL or ERROR in the first line to DEBUG
  • Restart the media server
  • Reproduce the problem you had
  • This should create files called TVersityMediaServer.log, TVersityMediaServer.log.1, TVersityMediaServer.log.2 ,… of size bigger than zero in the installation folder or in \Windows\System32 (on 64 bits version of Windows this will be \Windows\SysWOW64). Please zip all of them and then send to along with a reference to the forum post you made with the description of the problem you are having.

More info at: