Can't get File Size for tversity stream through PS3

Hoping someone else has seen this issue…last month suddenly tversity would not play any Sirius streams through SiriusXMStreamer (SXMS). I am getting the dreaded “can’t locate media…the content may have been deleted from the media server” error on the PS3, but SXMS server is started and listening on the correct IP address. I can see all the channels on the PS3, but none will play and I get the previous error for every one. When I checked the status on the tversity Status tab to see the status of the streams, I get

                       Error - Could not get file size for

I get that error for every stream and none play. I had not changed any settings and reset a number of settings on SXMS to no avail. First time I’ve had this problem and have searched high and low on the forums to see if anyone else is having this issue. I updated to the latest free tversity (2.2), but that didn’t fix the problem. I can play .mp3 files and see those folders no problem; the problem is with the “file size” error on the RMS streams through SXMS.

Any ideas…thanks for taking the time; any help is much appreciated.