Can't seam to configure with my iPhone

I have followed all the steps in the guide, and searched the forums, but still can’t seam to get it to work. I can get to the screen showing the files on my tversity server if I use the address for use when I am at home, the one listed in ipconfig. However If I click on a video or music file It goes to a screen that has two options one to download, and one to stream. Neither work. If I choose stream it opens open my player for a second and then closes. If I choose download, it acts like the download finished in seconds. Same results on files on my computer and on qued Hulu videos. Now what I really want is to access the service on my iPhone while I am away from home, however I can’t seam to get that to connect at all. I have gone to the instruction page for port forwarding specific to my exact model roughter and specific for tversity. I forward port 41952. Whenever try to go to the ip address listed for away I get Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found. The port forwarding instruction only said to forward tcp, but just for the heck of it I tried udp as well. Any thoughts on these two problems? Can’t view videos at home, can’t connect away.

i was having this problem as well. i have a jailbroken iphone and downloaded the safari download plugin from cydia, which is why you get that screen with the option to download or play in media player. i went into cydia and had to remove the plugin to get it to work. if you have mxtube, you may have to remove that also, i just removed them both.

how to turn off safari downloader in sbsettings?

I am having the same issue . I recently formated my computer and reinstall my OS . I then install the latest version of tversity. Now videos that use to stream to my iphone no longer work. The only difference is I installed the pro version. However they do stream perfectly to my PS3. ???

Iphone 3GS 16GB
TVersity Media Server (Pro )

chickenchowmien thanks! You nailed it. You don’t have to remove safari downloader though just turn of the toggle in sbsettings. I can now view my music and video, still no hulu though. Has any one gotten hulu to work on iPhone yet?

I just got my new iPad and I can’t seem to get my standard POP3 email account configured. I have it configured no problem on my iPhone. I need to be able to specify port 2525 to my POP3/SMTP server and there doesn’t seem to be a place to specify it. I tried appending :2525 to my server name, and no dice.


I am experiencing the same issue where it brings up the download/play option and neither work. Play opens the media player for a second then it closes.

I have sbsetting, installous and safari downloader on my ipod

Im new to the ipod and cant seem to find my way around sbsetting to turn off safari downloader. anyone be so kind as to give me a step-by step?


well the problem is solved now.