Codec install


Is there a guide to Codec installation that’s less than 10 years old ?

I have searched the documentations and this forum, and all I found were either over 10 years old, or based around an image that no longer exists.

I have files that display fine in windows media player (i only use MPC or VLC, but I just tested them on the WMP itself) , I have the K-Lite Codec pack installed (Mega, lots of stuff) and my Pro license TVersity chokes on them. That’s my 4th Codec reinstall over this, including installing the 6 year old CCCP pack because it had instructions. It still failed at Transcoding.

Now, I realize I will probably have to get custom definition of device for my Lg smart TV that is NOT on the supported list to eventually get subtitles.

I can field test on current iphones, ipads, XBox 360, High Sierra with current safari/firefox/Chrome. It’s the TV I need subtitled, but browsers access is also desirable.

Is there such a set of directions ?