Connect from iPad and TVerstity show two devices

When I connect my IPad to Tversity to watch a movie it appears in tversity as 2 devices. 1 is an iPad and the other is a PS3 ???. When I start viewing it shows as streaming/trancoding to the PS3. I get picture but no sound. and it transcodes to mpg format when iDevices support H264 (I am streaming an mkv which wraps H264)

Help !!!

Version 2.1 pro on WHS2011 with corecodec codec pack installed

Using DLNA client on iDevice I can see video but no sound and TVersity thinks it is streaming to a PS2 (it recognises the iPad though)
Going direct though browser then only the iPad is listed in the device section and once again I see video but no sound.
Sound card on WHS 2011 server has drivers installed and recognised and windows audio service is started.

If you can directly brows and play video on the iPad without sound - it is defiantly codec pack problem.
May be you installed codec pack after TVersity installation?
In this case you should install TVersity on the top (not needed uninstall) and it will configure the codec pack.
If it doesn’t help you have 2 ways:

  1. reinstall codec pack
  2. uninstall installed codec pack and install other one (free like ffdshow or klite or buy it)

After this you should install TVersity on the top (not needed uninstall) and it will configure the codec pack.

Disclaimer: in certain regions of the world, some codecs may require paying royaltis to the relevant patent holders.

Do you using 2.1 pro or basic?
2.1 pro works directly with iPad and you do not need any other app.
Basic also works well with iDevices but have a limitation (cannot play video).
Please see:

Windows WHS2011 for host with tversity 2.0 on but that has changed now. Tversity 2.1 now. Also resolved this issue but got a load more. I was using 8player as the client app on the ipad/iphone as it is DLNA compatible. What apeard to be happening once a connection was made to the server was that Tversity saw the ipad as an ipad and the 8player app as a sony PS3. It then proceeded to transcode to mpg SD/Stereo and stream to what it thought was a PS3. I guess DLNA client software on an iDevice is not supported. Interestingly, in connection with my other post, once I have connected like this all future streaming (this time to XBMC on windows 7) is transcoded SD and stereo and Tversity needs re-starting to stream correctly to XBMC (without transcodeing as local codecs exist)

What TVersity version you are using?
What is the PC Operation system?