Convert your MKV Files

After messing with tversity for sometime now i’ve tried just about everything that i can find to get mkv files to play on it, nothing has worked very well. The best solution for those people that have wasted their time trying everything is to just convert them. For awhile that was a problem for me also alot of anime mkv’s are different. But i will give you guys a guide to easly convert your mkv files so you no longer have to pull your hair out trying everything to get those damn mkv’s to work.

You will need to uninstall your codecs, and download klite full or CCCP. Both of those are the best in my opinion while i haven’t tried CCCP with this but its more outdated than klite. vistacodec pack caused the program to crash alot.

Then you will need River Past Video Cleaner Pro 7.6. I’m sure you can find this pretty easy. Now i will give you my settings for the program:

Add your MKV File, goto video settings use these settings:

Compressor: ffdshow Video Codec
Resolution: Same as input(you must be able to change the res you can test it yourself i haven’t tried yet)
Frame Rate: Same as input
Regulate Timecode: Checked
Grey Scale and do not recode if possible make sure both are NOT checked. I have tried do not recode if possible checked and the files did not play.
Quality: I just left it at 95, i haven’t noticed a difference.

I used these for Audio Settings:

Compressor: AC-3 ACM Codec (I have tried lame mp3 compressor but it seems to mess up the audio for more, a couple times it didn’t but for the most part it didn’t work out well, PCM also works for me although it increases the file size)
Settings: Automatic(I don’t know too much but i have it on specify and there was alot of noise in the background)
Regulate Timecode: Checked
Quality: Kept this on 95.

all these settings worked for me. you can add alot of files in there and let them convert over night or something thats what i did. works well with good quality and i hope this helps alot of you.

i’ve tried different converters like mkv2vob, that did work because it only supports ac3 audio.
AlltoAvi - For some reason when i tried to convert the files it always crashed
OGM to AVI: Samething this program crashed about 3/4 the way done.

Goodluck guys! If you really need the program pm me i can find a link for you.

well, it’s partially good advice. MKV’s aren’t bad, just misunderstood :P.

if at all possible, keep the MKV files, as they are smaller and easier to keep around, typically, anime files tend to be in MKV for the ogg/subs/language support. if you don’t need subs or the japanese undubbed audio, you can use a frontend to convert the files. converting to .AVI or .MPG/m2ts inflates the file size by about 3% to 5%, which on a 200-350mb file, isn’t much, but at ~9gb for a 1080p MKV, can add up.

using mkv2vob is far easier if you use it on 720p or 1080p mpeg4, those video files with x264 or h264/ with ac3/dts .mkv files.
which is great if you’re dealing with hidef content, not so much with regular .mkv’s.

almost any program can transcode content, virtualdub or VLC can do the same thing for free, as long as it can be opened by the windows codec handlers. since TVersity handles the same files that FFmpeg does, it’s not necessary to convert.

a lot of frontends will do this for you, but be conscious that very few handle MKV’s features i.e. can/will separate the embedded subtitles into another file, convert OGM files to .mp3 for better compatibility, put the second audio track into a separate audio file, etc, create a playlist to duplicate MKV playlists if present, etc. i don’t know of any that do it all, since i usually just leave mkv files alone and/or use VLC to test them.

I used to convert mine using mkv2vob but since reinstalling TVsersity using KarnaG3’s setup guide I haven’t found an MKV that won’t play. I’ve also realised that I was losing a lot of brightness by converting which may or may not be an issue for you depending on how well your tv handles blacks. The only annoying thing is the limited ability to ff/rw etc.

I convert .mkv files to .mp4 using VideoProc Converter and then stream them using TVersity Pro through my PS3 to my TV.

Up until a week or so ago that worked well and I could fast-forward at x120 with no problem.

Now it doesn’t work as well. I can stream the .mp4 file okay but it I try to fast-forward, even at x30 it will freeze up after a while, just like the original mkv file would f I streamed that. I’ve tried installing older versions of VideoProc and TVersity in case the latest updates are causing the problem but that didn’t help.

I think TVersity must be the problem as I can stream the mp4 files though Windows Media Player and get x120 fast-forward.

Any suggestions?