Could Not Connect/No Playable Media

First Tversity on my PC (Win7, yes I know, old PC for streaming) kept giving me the nonstop “could not connect to server. please start sharing” thing. Finally that stopped after uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of times and a couple reboots. Now I re-added all my folders and files and all devices I would stream to are telling me “no playable media” even though the folders and files are identical to what I had set up before I reinstalled. Can’t figure out what I’m missing.

Now it’s refusing to even connect anymore, despite reboots and reinstalls. Other media streaming devices are working fine from PC. TVersity just won’t connect.

What device are you streaming to?
When you browse your library via a web browser, does it show your media?

PS4, Xbox one, roku, Sony blu ray player. I haven’t tried to view from a web browser ever. But I rebooted computer to see if it would help and now it absolutely will not stop doing the “could not connect to server, please start sharing to continue” but I can stream with media center and multiple other streaming platforms fine. I’ve reinstalled again, rebooted, everything. It won’t stop saying could not connect now so I don’t know if it would show the media if it synced or not. Tversity is my favorite to use but I don’t know why it suddenly can’t process. I’ve changed no settings on the PC except I unplugged a failing external drive. OS and all program files remain untouched and I’ve done a clean install since removing that drive anyway.

Somehow it finally connected. Now still showing as no playable media on all devices. Checked web browser. All files are there and playable. I have several folders within the main folder I have set to share, plus single files in mp4 format that will play just fine through Windows Media. All folders and files show in web viewer. Opening on devices won’t even show the folders within the main folder, or any files. It just gives “no playable media” which is something I have never gotten from TVersity before, ever. And I’ve had it for a few years.