Direct Laptop to Xbox Connection via Ethernet

I’m trying to connect my laptop directly to the 360 (with the Ethernet cable that came with the 360) in order to stream 1080p video (my wireless doesn’t seem to be able to cut it). Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck. So far I’ve actually gotten the two to correspond with each other by setting my laptop’s wireless connection to allow the xbox to connect to the internet through the laptop. However, that’s all I’m getting. When I test my Xbox Live connection on the 360, it confirms that it is receiving a signal through the laptop, but it won’t recognize TVersity. I previously had the whole setup running great with wireless, but the 360 just won’t fully recognize the laptop. Now, I do know a thing or two about computing and technology but networking is not my strong suit, so I’m at a loss at the moment. Does anybody know how I might remedy this?

Hope all this makes sense; I’ve been troubleshooting this all night and am pretty tired, so sorry if it doesn’t :D.

Do you have DNS support turned on in the laptop for Ethernet connections? Something has to hand out an IP address to the 360.

I Googled really quick for good advice on how to check this, but came up empty…

Yeah, Google seems to be somewhat vague on this issue.

I believe I do have DNS support activated, as my laptop did successfully hand out an IP address to the 360. When I run the “Test Xbox Live” option on the 360, it does verify that the 360 is communicating with the Xbox Live servers, but it pops up a warning that states my “NAT is Moderate” and may inhibit some aspects of the connection. I previously had no known NAT problem when running the 360 on wireless normally. I figure this might be originating on the router, but I wouldn’t think that that would inhibit intra-network operability (unless my firewall is blocking communication with the 360 or something. I played around with some port forwarding last night, but to no avail, as I don’t really remember what I’m doing there). I’ve also confirmed that information is being transferred between the Xbox and my laptop: I can see the data flow on the Ethernet’s Network Connection “Properties” tab, and my laptop’s windows networking software confirms the connection is viable.

Now I just need the Xbox to read the laptop as a separate entity on the network (I think), so that it will recognize TVersity. Maybe the problem is arising because the 360 is just treating the laptop as a node to the internet and nothing more, and won’t recognize the signal from TVersity? Or maybe the issue is with TVersity itself somehow?

I wish they made an easier way to do this! :?
Thanks for the info, though. Any idea what I might try fooling around with to get this to work?

Never mind, I seem to have figured it out. I simply bridged the Ethernet and wireless connections on my laptop and everything seemed to work, though I’m not 100% sure why. At any rate, I can now seamlessly stream full HD videos, and the response times between the Xbox and TVersity are MUCH faster. And as a perk, I can now run Xbox Live through my laptop’s wireless connection! Maybe I’ll sell that overpriced wireless adapter… :mrgreen:

Details are here, but I use a 50’ length of CAT6 every day with no issues…

Do ethernet cable signals deteriorate the longer the cable is? I need to purchase an etheret cable to connect a second computer in my house, planning on running it through the attic. The wireless I am using is far too slow. My question is this, do the cables not work as well the longer they get? I estimate I will need about 20-30 feet of ethernet cable to do what I am trying to. And am worried that with that log of an ethernet cable, it won’t work.

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jorg, how did you bridge your wireles connection to the xbox? I shared my internet through my laptop to the xbox but now tversity will not show up, I’m almost positive it is the same problem