Disable Hulu AutoPlay

Not too long ago, while checking my Hulu account history I found that the history contained a LOT of shows (and clips) that I never actually watched. After doing some research I found that what was actually happening was that one of the new features in the Hulu player, specifically the autoplay feature, was automatically turned on and was just playing all the clips related to an episode that I actually was watching. This caused TVersity to continuously transcode the stream even though I was no longer watching it on my XBox (really bad for performance).

While I thought it might be easy to turn off the feature, preferably from the user settings, what I found was that the autoplay function can only be disabled during the video playback. The good news (if there is any) is that the setting sticks once it is set per playlist, but now the harder question “how do I get it work with TVersity’s offscreen browser?”.

I did some more digging around and found that I could inject some javascript into the page once via a TVersity configuration file. Surprisingly that little fact ended up cleared up a few other questions I had lingering in the back of my head like "How the heck do they log into my account if its just a webpage", but I digress I spent some time debuging the Hulu player on my own time and wrote some javascript which will disable the AutoPlay feature when the video is loaded and have been testing it for about a month now with great success.

Unfortunately I am not completely familiar with the Terms of this forums since I… well… didn’t completely read them all. Anyways, I would be more than happy to share the script and the instructions on how to accomplish the same results if anyone is interested.


After sleeping on it, I figured out it wouldn’t do any harm to post the script and instructions here (besides I can use it as a KB for later, incase my computer ever dies). Well here you go:

Note: This fix only seems to work when you are logged into Hulu, so you might have to create a free account if you don’t already have a hulu+ account.

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\TVersity\MediaServer and open the osb.xml file.
  2. Find the element that reads "hulu.com/watch", in my file this is the first "site" element in the file.
  3. Copy and paste this section under the "auth" section:
    (function () {
      var auto_play_off = 0;
      var player_container = document&#46;getElementById('player-container');
      if (player_container != null &amp;&amp; ContinuousPlay&#46;getInitMode() != auto_play_off)
        var breakout_container = document&#46;getElementById('breakout-container');
        var player_js = breakout_container&#46;nextElementSibling&#46;nextElementSibling&#46;text;
        player_js = player_js&#46;replace(&quot;ContinuousPlay&#46;getInitMode()&quot;, auto_play_off);

The script causes the flash video to reload a second time at page load with the new settings if it does not already have it’s AutoPlay setting set to “Off”. This should only happen once since the setting is sticky so the script does some checks in order to reduce the amount of times it actually reloads the video.

Please feel free to leave feedback or make adjustments to the script, if you find that something could be made better. Since I have no real experience with JQuery, the entire script is written with just plain old javascript, but I’m pretty sure that it could be converted to use JQuery which would reduce the amount of code necessary to do this kind of thing.

One last thing: Since this script is not being provided by TVersity, you will have to remember that you even applied it before you install any updates, otherwise you may lose your changes.

I already Disable Hulu AutoPlay by reading this post. :D :D

Thank you, this worked for me. But an even bigger thank you is due to your opening my eyes to where this magic is performed! I can now add support for other sites which TVersity hasn’t yet added, and use javascript to change streaming quality and fun stuff like that. :D

Hey guys, I’m glad to hear that this post was helpful for you both. Just thought I might mention this in case you experience the same thing…

It seems that after Hulu’s retro update for the anniversary of the first man in space, I have been noticing that if I pick videos from the feed that points directly to my Hulu queue, the autoplay feature remains enabled. This same behavior does not occur if I pick a video from the various feeds I have directly to the shows episodes, where the autoplay feature remains disabled.

I’m attempting to figure out what the differences are between the two, but wanted to put it out there so you both know the potential pitfalls in the meantime.

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