DSM-320/520 remote control - universal remote

I bought a universal remote control, and I’ve been wondering if anyone else has tried to get the d-link DSM to work with a universal remote. Any tips?

I have a Harmony 659. When I got it there wasn’t a profile on the harmony web site so I had to teach the Harmony all the keys. Worked like a champ. No Problem. If you have a Harmony, you should just be able to use the profile I uploaded.

Some people have reported problems with the Pronto and the D-Link I think.


I have a JP1 remote from Radio Shack and was able to upload a profile for the DSM-320. It takes a bit of learning how but it’s worth it. Start here: http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/ to learn how. Then you’ll need an interface cable to connect it to your pc. Once you figure this all out the possibilities are almost endless. If I want to watch a video from the DSM-320 I just push the aux device button and the remote switches the tv input, turns on the surround sound receiver to the propper input, turns on the DSM-320 and sets the device of the remote to DSM-320…all with just one button. (wife proof)

I use an old-ish Cambridge Audio M1 - http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/summary.p … le=Summary (that’s the newer model)

Bit dated now but programmed up the DSM320 yesterday and it works great!

Mind you, do have problems getting the volume ‘loop’ to work - i.e. you can’t turn down the volume by keeping your finger pressed on the button. You have to keep pressing it. Bit annoying but not the end of the world. Do the newer learning remotes have this problem?

Mine works fine with one long keypress for volume. The only problem I have is that it’s memory for learned keys and macros is very limited.

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