Enhancement Request

HI -

Me and my Tversity have a love/hate relationship…after the first few days of working on this pretty much non-stop i was ready to throw it out along with my PC, XBOX and plasma - it’s so freakin’ frustrating at times, but then i persisted and it’s growing on me as i play with it.

Some enhancement requests for consideration:

  1. Parental control/pin code for movies of a sensitive nature
  2. Source backup or import & export feature - you may want to re-install but don’t want to have to key all that detail in again
  3. Add Netflix as a source
  4. Instructions, more in-depth user guide or videos & support structure
  5. Iphone remote control


Any current news on enabling a parental controls feature in TVersity? Looks like all the posted are pretty old, so looking to see if this Request has been added. Thanks

As for now the parental control feature does not possible to implement in generic/end user TVersity version.
The iPhone control is the part of the new TVersity software named AirFlinger

I would like to know if this is also possible. I purchased the lite version to explore, and do not see a simple way to put a PIN number on a share. Am I missing something?