Error "This movie format is not supported"

Any movie/song I try to play I get a box pop up that says “This movie format is not supported”, pictures are working fine so as far as connecting goes I figure it is working perfectly. Right now i am connecting via wifi at work but I get the same thing even if im at home on my router. I have had no problems playing anything on my ps3. I have tried several file types for movies to play on the iphone (mp4 should work according to other posts, i used an iphone video converter so I dont think there should be a problem with the file type). Not sure what file types iphone can play for music, I’ve really only tried mp3 and i get the same error.

Anyone have any thoughts or have seen this before?


try turning off your download plugin… easiest way is with bossprefs… if your still confused get at me…

I dont have a download plug in, I never installed one and there is nothing in bossprefs for it, other ideas?


convert your video to support video ,
example mp4 , or avi

guys, I am facing the same issue please somebody knows how to solve it?

thanks a lot


UPDATE: this is fixed in 1.9.2 which was just released. Please try it out and let us know how it goes.

I just bought the Pro version and I’m having this same problem.

I tried changing the settings to transcode always and that didn’t help.

Could someone from Tversity please contact me?

Only MP3s play. I’m trying to play Xvid, DivX, MOV, 3GP videos but they all give the same error message right away.

Unless Ronen responds, you’ll have to live with replies from us.

What doesn’t play?..

Turns out it happens with iPhone 3G or older models. Does not happen with 3GS or newer models. We are working on a patch and will issue a fix shortly.

I’m experiencing the same issues… no vid on iphone… pretty disappointed.

Have you checked that WMP11 on your TVersity server still plays the files? Maybe the install corrupted ffdshow or something…

The files still play fine on my BD570.

Got the 1.9 Pro version. I can get MP4 files to stream and play on iPhone, but anything else divx, xvid, flv etc. won’t work. Tried altering transcoding settings but no go. On the website it says “- Play any format on the iPhone or iPad without requiring a manual format conversion.”

I am finding out that this is not the case (at least for me). Any ideas?

PS. Things are all working fine with my PS3, even transcoding H.264 etc.


In case anyone is still having this problem, go to the Tversity transcoder settings and switch “When to Transcode” to “always” :D

Iphone have only limited supported file extension name. this extension name maybe .MPEG, .AVI, .3GP etc.

I think iPhone only supports 3GP,MPEG movie extension name.

Yeah i agree to convert those videos to a file that the iPhone supported.