Fix to the crossed out gray play button

ok go to start, ffdshow, vfw settings, then on the drop down menu put it to mpeg-4, then change the one to the right from xvid to ffds

I’ve been getting this all day… here goes…

Damn, didn’t work for me.

I would suggest converting all your videos to ipod/iphone standard first, then unchecking "transcode when necessary"

After fooling with this for some time now I have no success streaming video to my iphone. Photos and music are no problem, but I have not managed to get a single video streamed. TVersity’s log says that the video was successfully transcoded, and my drive seems to be spinning up as soon as I request the video from the server, but I continue to get gray crossed out play buttons.

I found that what you have to do is change the "When to transcode" setting to "Always" and the files begin to work. However, it still takes so long to do it that I only use it for short files. I use Air Video for bigger files.

Also, with this setting on I attempted to watch movies on both by Xbox 360 and my PS3, both worked fine and TVersity didn’t actually transcode anything for them to play it. Setting it to “Always” here just did it for my iPod Touch.


PS: My WM Encoder is set to WMV 8.

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