FLAC audio streams stop between album tracks

When I attempt to play an album on my PS3 using TVersity streaming it will play one track and then stop. The files are being transcoded from the FLAC format.

The only change I have made to my system that might affect this problem was an upgrade to MediaMonkey (http://www.mediamonkey.com/) Version 4.0. It added support for videos and required the installation of an additional CODEC pack. I know that TVersity can be very particular when it comes to CODECs, but this really doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the ability to convert formats, it just stops at the end of each track of an album.

I do get two network errors that flash briefly on the screen #80710004 and #8071009. I’ve seen at least one of these messages before, but they did not seem to affect playback.

Any suggestions?

How did the PS3 used to perform? I don’t use mine for music often, but I did set up a playlist to use inside Life with PlayStation so my Folding@home had better music. THAT still works fine but it’s on the PS3 as opposed to using TVersity to stream with…

Previously, it streamed FLAC files fine. I would get some network error message between songs, but it didn’t have any impact on the playback, so I didn’t worry about it. Now, I get two network errors and the streaming stops at the end of each song.

I am also having this issue: the PS3 stops after one song that’s transcoded from FLAC by tversity. Some additional info that may be useful:

-This happens on two different computer running two different versions of windows 7

-Other media servers do not have this issue

-I uninstalled Media Monkey and did a fresh install of tversity and ffwdshow but the issue persists.

I am more than happy to provide logs or any other help in running this down, as this makes tversity pretty much unusable for me.

Yes, this problem does make Tversity almost useless. Unfortunately, now that I’ve set up MM for streaming as well, it has the same problem. I get through a song, maybe two, and then playback stops. There may not be a connection, but it seems that the problem started with the installation of MM 4. The recent upgrades eliminated the error codes, but the basic problem still exists.

Any one have an idea to offer?

I notice you’re not getting much help off the Media Monkey forum either.

I’d suggest testing with PlayOn. If you have the same trouble with all servers you try, it might be your network…

[quote=“mikepaul”]I notice you’re not getting much help off the Media Monkey forum either.

I’d suggest testing with PlayOn. If you have the same trouble with all servers you try, it might be your network…[/quote]

Good eyes! Since I have PlayOn installed, that will be easy to try. Thanks for the suggestion.

What does MediaMonkey do for you? Can you roll back to the previous version to test if that’s the cause of the problem?..

Media Monkey is a app to manage my audio and video recording. Windows Media Player on steroids. Change meta data, album art, etc. It is not running when I am attempting to stream. What I might do is remove their CODECs first, to see of that fixes it. There is really no reason that it should have any impact on TVersity streaming, but you can’t really say it doesn’t until you test it.

I’ll give this a try, but I am also interested other ideas people have.

Thanks again.

An update: As I’ve looked for a replacement for tversity (boo!) I’ve used several other media servers (PS3 media server, media monkey) that did not exhibit this issue when transcoding FLACs so I think the issue is tversity one, as opposed to network, etc. Again, I’d love to help resolve this and go back to tversity, so please let me know if I can provide any logs, etc. I didn’t try playon, it looks like it doesn’t support FLAC.

Same problem here… hope it gets fixed soon.

If you are looking specifically for an audio-music solution, I’ve been happy with music streaming from Foobar2000 (which handles just about anything you can throw at it).
See: http://nerdlets.org/2009/05/07/set-up-a-upnp-media-server-with-foobar2000/

I would like to know if there is an update on this issue since I have been getting the error #80710004 for about a year and havent been able to find a solution. :evil:

I just bought a new router today and the issue persists. Like the others have said, TVersity plays a FLAC song and stops at the end with the error every time. Nothing seems to help. As if it doesnt expect the stream to end or something.

In the meantime, I use another app called Serviio to stream FLAC and it works fine.