Folder added to Sources does not show under Library

I have added a folder (C:\Shows) and it shows up under Sources->File System->Folders but no amount of fiddling will get it to show up under Library->Folders or Librar->Video so that I can actually access it from my media clients. I have been able to add other folders but not this one. In fact it was previously there when I had it on a different drive but after I rearranged things I can’t get it to work from the new drive.

Help please…


If this folder is on a network drive, you might have a permission issue. More info at:

No, it’s local. Thank you for the suggestion though. I did check the permissions and even made them wide open to “Everyone” but I still can’t get it added.

Can you remove it from the media sources table and then add again? Were there any errors when adding it?

Also, can you increase the logging level and send us the logs resulting of this addition after removal that you did above?

Instructions for increasing logging level are at:

Yes, I did try removing it and adding it back but that didn’t work. I did finally get it to work by creating a folder with a completely different name. My guess is that you are caching previous folder names somehow and when I change the drive that the folder is on it gets confused. When I get a chance I’ll try checking the logs for you and will send my config info.