Folder art

Will folder art be supported for movies sometime in the future?

I noticed recently (using Tversity 3.7.1 currently) with my Xbox One the individual video files show a thumbnail preview image of a screen capture of the movie. Can the setting for the length of time into the video file where the video preview frame is taken be adjusted? Usually the preview just shows some logo before the movie starts such as the studio logo which is not unique.

I did some experimenting attempting to change the folder art which still does not seem to be implemented yet for folders. I checked under media sharing to share both video files and image files. I put a folder.jpg into the folder that a video was contained but nothing showed up at all. I tried changing the image name to both the name of the file as well as the name of the folder. Those images showed up inside of the folder with a preview for the individual image files, but that still did not change the image of the folder.

It seems like this should be possible because the folder on my Xbox One has the Tversity logo so there must be some customization possible.

C:\ProgramData\TVersity\Media Server\web\images\generic.png

C:\ProgramData\TVersity\Media Server\web\client\images\black\192\folder-o1.png

I went into the media server data file and saw that a bunch of “image_icon-jpeg” files had been created for thumbnail previews. I tried to rename one of them to the name of the folder, but that didn’t do anything either.

This seems like a very highly requested feature for folder art

You are right to say that folder art is not supported - we will take your request into account. Also the movie art is indeed a thumbnail generated from the beginning of the movie, currently the length of time into the movie is not configurable however. We will look into this as well.

In fact, if you have other feedback to share, please feel free to do so.

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I’ve just started trying to customize the web UI for my media library. I’ve found that I can specify an image for a playlist, which is nice, but I’d also like to be able to specify one for a published folder as well. I’ve looked through the forums and documentation, and haven’t found anything suggesting this has been implemented.

Ronenmiz, can you tell me if this customization/functionality is available?

Thanks in advance,

~ Jon Richt

ps. I know this is an old thread. For all I know, features development for the media server has stopped completely. However, if you reply, I’d be interested in ANY information about UI customization currently available. I haven’t been able to find much. I’m a software dev with more than a decade of experience, so I’d love to build my own web UI for the library - but I suspect there’s no API available. Thanks again for any information you can provide.

This is still not supported for a library folder. Thumbnails for media items (photos, videos and music) are of-course fully supported, but thumbnails for folder of media items is a feature that never made it into our roadmap. Maybe in the future.

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