Forced transcoding

So I’ve gone through all the trouble of preconverting all my media. When I bring up the web interface in ipad / ps3 / xbox, video launches right away and I can move forward and back through the video at will. No transcoding as expected.

However when I use my iPhone 4, it transcodes. No matter what settings I select in the transcoder settings, even NEVER on When to Transcode, it still transcodes. So I installed a little user agent faker app (gotta love jailbreaks) and had my phone report itself as an ipad in Safari. Boom. Video fires right up, can select anywhere in video. NO TRANSCODING! YAY! This also works using a pure uPnP player like AcePlayer.

This really needs to be addressed. Was driving me nuts. There’s no reason tversity should be transcoding preconverted files for an iphone.

Perhaps TVersity thinks the specs on the video aren’t correct for an iPhone. Did you check the settings on the Library folder to make sure it’s set to Never transcode, since the folder setting overrides the global one in the GUI?..

May be the case (not in front of system at the moment). But my point is TVersity is wrong in thinking it needs to transcode at all. If I lie about user agent, it plays perfectly. The logic that determins if it needs to transcode just because it’s an iPhone needs to be looked at. I’m assuming it’s playing it safe and assuming I have an iphone 3 or something that can’t handle the higher resolution.

Each profile for a specific device does include things like maximum resolution, so there’s a chance that the iPad and iPhone are not set to the same size videos. I didn’t actually dig into the profiles.xml file to see if this is the case though.

I don’t expect a fix due to the existence of the Never transcode option, but you can always post in Feedback and see what happens…