Forward / Rewind via chrome or firefox (http://localhost:41952/client/media.html#200/121158/121159)?

When I try to forward or rewind, it doesn’t work.
I can clik on the bar but nothing happened…
Do you have a idea please ?

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When a video is transcoded you can only FF/Rewind within the transcoded portion of the video. What kind of video are we talking about? Is it transcoded? Does this happen with all video or just some?

Thanks for your answer.
Effectively, when i set the parameter to never transcode, i receive the message "failed to load the media. the system may be missing some codecs, please consider installing a codec pack and then re-install TVerstity.
Do you have an idea which codec pack I must install and the best order (1st this codec, then this one, then install TVersity for example) ?
Fyi, I have the Pro version.

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If you set it to “never transcode” then some formats won’t play due to limitations of the browser you are using. The only way to fix it is to transcode, in which case your FF/Rewind will be limited to the transcoded portion. One transcoding is complete the result is cached and now you can FF/Rewind within entire media.

Codecs are only relevant when you enable transcode. Something minimalist like ffdshow tryout is better that the big codec packs.


thanks for your answer.
when I use… via chrome, it plays perfectly but when i click in the middle of the time bar (for example 1h00), I must wait 9 minutes to see the film at this time.
when i play the film via media player on \\Videos…, no problem to go evrywhere on the time bar, it take one second to play the film…
I install ffshow tryout, but I have the same problem (I must wait +/- 9 minutes to see a film in the middle)…
Maybe, I must change the TVersity parameters ?
I have:
when to transcode: only when needed
decrease the bitrate if it is too high for my netword
max video resoution:
video: 1280720
image: 1920
Windows media encoder: use directshow for Windows media encoding: y (otherwhise ffmpeg will be used): y
Windows media video 8

optimization: speed
connection speed: wired 100mb
quality: high
compression: minimum
decode the media as fast as possible: y

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Is this particular video transcoded? If not then you should not be required to wait so long. If it is then you are waiting the time it takes the transcode to reach that point in time. Can you check the settings page?

What format is the video BTW?

Thanks for your answer. say the following informations:
AVI: 702 Mo
1 flux video: MPEG-4 Visual (XviD)
1 flux audio: MPEG Audio (MP3)

846 Kbps, 640*272 (2,355:1), à 23,976 lm/s, MPEG-4 Visual (XviD) (Packed bitstream) (Advanced Simple@L5) (BVOP1)

128 Kbps, 48,0 KHZ, 2 canaux, MPEG Audio (MP3) (Version 1) (Layer 3) (Joint stereo / MS Stereo)

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So it is definitely being transcoded because Chrome does not support AVI/XVID. What TVersity version are you using? Can you try deleting all temporary files (via setting page) and then playing again via Chrome?


I use Tversity Media Server (Pro edition) Version 3.7.1.
I try to delete all temporaty files via Tversity settings but the problem is the same…
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We are going to need to get the file from you and do some testing with it. Can you send it? (you can use some online service like


thanks for your answer but it is not a problem with this video but with all the videos.
I think it is more a problem with the settings / configuration of tversity
.For your info, the problem occurs only in Media Player / Chromecast…
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When you try to go forward in Chrome for a transcoded media (like AVI) it should jump back to to the previous location and not do the forward operation unless the transcoding has already passed that point.

When you switch to full screen and then jump forward, it will just wait till the transcoding has reached that point - this is normal behavior because the video is being transcoded. Are you doing this in full screen mode? If so, what you are getting is normal.

Thanks for your answer.
In the normal screen, I can’t jump forward. After 30 minutes it’s also not possible.

If I enable “display the commands” in the normal screen in the options (right click on the screen), I can jump forward (like you said it for the full screen) but it takes about 8 minutes to reach the point. It is very long… Is it not a problem with the Tversity parameters ?

I think that the system doesn’t transcode during playing the film… It begins only when I jump forward with the “display commands” activated but with a very long delay.

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If the files are not transcoded then jumping back/forward in Chrome works for us without issues. This suggests that we are not able to reproduce the issue you mention hence our request to send such a file.

If the file is transcoded (and AVI MUST be transcoded or else it won’t play in ANY web browser), then the behavior is normal. You cannot go forward until the transcoding reached that point.