GUI "stop serving" - enters start/stop loop (Windows 8.1)

I am new to TVersity and the forums.
Perhaps soemone could help me?
I installed and started TVersity successfully and also used it on my device (an LG player, which was recognized as “Sony PS3”…) to watch video over the local network.

When I had finished

  • (device already turned off),
  • I used the GUI to “Stop serving…” - first from the “Media”(sharing)-view, afterwards from the “Settings”-view but
  • as soon as the message “stopped successfully” was displayed,
  • a second message popped up: “Could not connect…start serving…”
  • then Windows asked if I wanted to allow TVersity…(the UAC message) and
  • answering ‘no’ got me back to the GUI,
    thus getting me through a constant loop until I started serving again and then just ‘killed’ the GUI by using the “x” symbol of its window
    (in Windows>Services TVersity service also showed up as ‘stopped’ after that).

Could anyone help me figure out what went wrong?
Configuration, correct way to stop server/sharing or something like that…
System: Windows 8.1 64bit, TVersity 3.7.1

You do not need to stop the sharing service when you are done, just close the GUI and you are good.

If you do decide to stop sharing then the GUI won’t be able to do anything useful because it relies on the server to be functional. In such a case it only allows you to start sharing again, and in order for this to work you need to answer YES to the UAC message.

Hello @ronenmiz,

thank you for that clarification!
I will give TVersity another try.