Help pls PS3 - web TV streaming: audio but no video

Hi all,

I would appreciate your help with this problem.
I’ve downloaded and installed TVersityPro (1.9.7) and also ffdshow when prompted by the TVersity installation. I did not click any additional codecs/plugins for the ffdshow installation. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits and I have a 6 Mpbs internet connection.
After installation the TVersity Media server was started and I’ve added (for example) the following URL ( in Library/Interned Media/Internet Video).
My PS3 runs the latest update 4.11 (16 Feb 2012 ) and it’s connected to an HDTV. The PS3 recognizes the TVersity Media server and I can open the above URL. The web page is displayed on the HDTV but the window of the embedded (flash) player is black. I receive sound but there is no image.

I believe this web page uses a flash player.
Do I need to enable manually anything in fddshow? Is there anything else that I can do? (The only reason I’ve installed TVersityPro was to be able to stream web embedded ethnic live tv stations).

Thanks in advance!

Hello! I think you should update your settings. There is also a possibility that it maybe the replacement TV cannot handle the signal as it is when your previous TV did. Also make sure the audio setting is set to automatic also the RGB range is limited etc. Moreover I find it easier to connect my TV with laptop for free TV stream purpose.