Help with few issues

Greetings Earth Clan,

 Have a few problems and issues...
  1. Trying to convert various videos to view on my tv from 360.
    Top and bottom are cut off. I read about the over-scan issue and the safe areas…

–> are there some settings when I’m converting these videos I can change that would crop the videos within the safe areas?
(I’m using xillisoft ultimate 6 to convert with because it has preset 360 settings, however I’m sure whatever setting that needs to be changed to compensate would pretty much be universal to any conversion software)

  1. How can I set up video playlists so I can play videos one after another and skip to the next video; without having to go back to the directories after each one?
    I’m sure it’s possible. playlist format is best, do I store the playlist(s) with the specific video directory or save all playlists in a separate folder and point the tversity to that location (if so, how/where?)

*** I’m trying to watch photoshop tutorials that are stored 3-4 files per sub directory and anywhere from 10-15 sub directories and up to 100 separate video segments; damn near impossible to do without playlist.
*** A Playlist would allow me to also skip to next video, too, correct?

Thanks a lot for help. I’ve searched, but suck at searching and don’t understand quite frankly what I’ve found - as far as how it relates to my specific needs.