I Think My Wii is Dead

So, here’s what happened. I applied hacks to my Wii, getting around the 4.2 patch. I had it downgraded to 3.3, finished applying hacks, and then decided to update it to 4.1 so the backup launcher could play some of the more recent games. When I updated it, 4.1 installed and then the Wii froze, so I shut it off. Now whenever I power on the wii, I get no video, no sound, and no wiimote connectivity.

I don’t even get the black screen that everyone else seems to be getting. I tried a SaveMiiFrii on a working wii, and got the system version to come up, but nothing on this wii. All I see is the blue screen that my tv outputs while it’s waiting for some video input. Anyone know what to do? I thank you for any help you can provide.

So how well was TVersity working before all this?..

if you instald pre loader or bootmii is an ios

there is a way to unbrick your wii

good luck to that