In love with tversity but

this program has been the answer to all of my hopes and dreams for my wii, however after a month or so of extensive use i have noticed one persistent problem. long divx files freeze at an hour and 21 minutes and some change. its always the same time regardless of resolution or bitrate. the video just pauses but the audio ghoes on. i can use the seek bar to bypass that instant when it comes but i cant seem to prevent it.

I dont think it’s my pc that is the issue, I am running a 3.4 ghz p4 processor with 3 Gb ram and an Nvidia geforce 6800. cant remember how much memory the video card has but while it is a bit older all of the compnents are still above average and working smoothly

Not sure. I’d expect transcoding to be THE issue, but usually a PC bogs down every few minutes instead of a specific long time.

What are the specs of the PC TVersity is running on?..

any help or thoughts about what might cause it would be greatly appreciated.


I’m trying to imagine why the audio and video don’t stay together after that long period, and I’m not coming up with an answer.

Windows 7 is annoying: the ProgramData directory where TVersity now gets installed is hidden from Windows Explorer and the trick to get the View options to show hidden files eludes me. On your PC, the transcoded video will be in that directory, so you SHOULD be able to find it and (after changing the extension to AVI maybe) play it. Allow it to stream to your Wii all the way through even if it looks bad, then play it on your PC and see if it looks bad there too.

If it’s being screwed up by transcoding, the badness should be permanent…