Increase Rows on page layout?

Is there a way to increase the number of rows/items that load on the page?
The firefox webpage has the option to increase the number of rows loaded, but I am finding it difficult to pinpoint that option on the iphone page which does not appear to exist and I am also finding it difficult to find the location to hardcode that in the javascript that generates that page. If anyone can point me in the correct direction to increase the loaded row number I would greatly appreciate it. Sifting through thousands of songs 10 at a time is painful.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

Excellent post Gilifer! Tremendously helpful to me.
I use Windows XP so my index.html for iphone is in the directory C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\web\iphone\index.html.
Other users may find their index.html file in other directories. I just copied and pasted your suggested line of code and now browsing is much easier. I backed up my original file first and suggest that others do the same to be safe.

Hi Bob,
I have been having the same problem as you, and came accross your post while searching for the answer.
I have found a solution and thought id come back and let you know in case you havent found one yourself.

Go to C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\TVersity\Media Server\web\iphone

open the index.html file in notepad.

Change the line: self.location = ‘/medialib/browse?pfid=12143137-9c6d-437c-9802-2cfacb73316a’;

to: self.location = ‘/medialib/browse?pfid=12143137-9c6d-437c-9802-2cfacb73316a&count=0&id=0&startat=0&embed=0&pfid=’;

Save and reboot. Now go to http://“ipaddress”:41952 on your iphone and it should display all of your files rather than 10 at a time.
If you have your server bookmarked on your iphone, don’t use the bookmark, type in the ip address again and create a new bookmark, since the difference is in the url.

You can also change "count=0" to "count=100" in order to view 100 files at a time rather than all of them.

I hope this helps.

Gilifer’s solution works to increase the number of lines returned when browsing, but search results are still limited to 10. Does anyone know how to increase the number of results returned by a TVersity search?