Indian and Pakistani Tv Channels URL

B4U Movies ... ate=400000

B4U Music ... nskjd3sdwe

Indian CNBC 18

mms://a1873.l2639649579.c26396.g.lm.aka ... ctor:49579

Indian CNN

mms://a150.l2584248272.c25842.g.lm.akam ... ctor:48272

Indian Star Gold Movies ... ate=400000

Indian Star One ... ate=400000

Indian Star Plus ... ate=400000

Pak Geo TV

mms://stream.wmlivesvc.vitalstreamcdn.c ... tv_geolive

Pak Kookh


rtsp:// ... tvworld.rm

Pak PTV Recorded News

mms:// ... tvnews.wmv

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These links are bad, do you have new link…
thx Athar11

All these are not working anymore. Anybody has the updated list of Pakistani Channels?

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