Internet stream doesn't stop downloading after playback

Hi Folks

I’ve added the following stream to my TVersity library - - so that I can watch… It streams just fine, but with one problem:

If I stop watching the stream and go back to it a few hours later, it picks up from the point I left it, not at the current live position in the stream (I’ve checked this by firing up the stream in a browser.)

I was hoping this would function more like a TV station - I switch it on, and can view what’s currently being broadcast. Have I misunderstood how it works, or could I have configured something incorrectly?



Does the stream work differently in TVersity than it does in a browser?..

Hi Mike - sorry; I should have been more clear - I visited the TWiT Live website in a browser to see what was currently streaming there, while at the same time watching what TVersity was showing.

My TVersity stream picked up where I’d stopped it a few hours earlier, but the “live” stream on the website was running a different show.



I don’t do this kind of stuff with TVersity so I can’t say what you need to do to fix it. MAYBE the cache needs to be flushed so the last show you were watching is thrown out and a new one can replace it, since TVersity would normally transcode the feed. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to wait for someone else who knows what’s wrong to respond…

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