Interop with Humax HDR FOX T2

I am the software author of Whitebear media server ( ) – this is a specialist media server, and not a competitor to TVersity, so I hope you will excuse the impertinence of my posting here…

One of my clients has a Humax HDR FOX T2 and is experiencing tremendous difficulties getting it to play MP3 files served by Whitebear media server. (It plays native MP3 files, but won’t play files transcoded on the fly from (say) flac to MP3. My current guess is that it is a timing issue in the HTTP transfer process.)

The intersting thing is that the Humax works fine with TVersity.

So I wonder if there is anyone here who knows a lot about the inner quirks of the Humax UPnP functionality, and what was needed to be done in TVersity to make it work with the Humax: Perhaps you can give me some tips so that I can (hopefully) adapt Whitebear media server to get it to work properly too?

Ive just ordered the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat 320GB - cant wait for it to arrive now.

Quick probably stupid question though: to use iPlayer on it, I need an internet connection. Ive got wi-fi at home and the router is on a different floor from the TV.

The Humax doesnt have wi-fi does it. Anyone else dealt with this? Can you get a device to pick up the wireless signal and connect over an ethernet cable. Sorry for the complete ignorance, but I dont even know what that would be called. Can anyone help?

Also, Ive got a spare router I no longer use - is there a way to adapt that to this purpose?