Ipad and iphone ios6 update has caused a stutter

Hi All,

I have been having issues with streaming to an iphone and ipad after updating them both to ios6.

On playback through safari or google chrome on both devices playback stutters every few minutes with pixelation, audio loss and slight pauses.

This occurs on all types of media types including mp4 and on videos that worked perfectly before.

My wifes iphone (still on ios5) and the PS3 work as normal with no problems.

I have played with all the settings in tversity to reduce quality but the glitch still occurs. I have also reset and upgraded firmware on all netwrok equipment but I dont think this is the problem as all other devices are working as expected.

Is anyone experencing similar issues to this? And if so have you found any way to resolve the issue.

I am just annoyed I didn’t back up prior to the update so I can roll back! :oops:

Thanks in advance,


update you iPhone to 6.1.2