Iphone 3gs video has no audio

Hi All,

I’m trying to stream video from tversity pro 1.9.2 to iphone 3gs v 4.0. The video portion plays perfectly, but there is no audio. Same clips play ok tho a ps3, and if I watch then natively on PC.

The clips are mpeg or m2ts high definintion files from my sony handicam. Seems tversity always wants to transcode these to ts, even the mpegs. I tried setting to No transcode, but always seems to.

A wmv file converted to ts seems to play ok. Problem seemed to start when I upgraded to 1.9.


Did you check that the folder the files are in is set to something other than Never? The folder-level setting overrides the global setting…

Right now i don’t have enough information about it but i will try to find some. i think some of my friends have better knowledge about it so i will ask from them then i will tell you.by the way we have so many apps for iphones and also best quotes of so many famous author.

good luck!!

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