Iphone 4 + tversity pro 1.9.3 reinstall

im running 2 iphone 4 in my house and i wanted to start streaming videos to them without having to converte my entire 5 tb library to iphone format so i got tversity pro ive been using the free version for over a yr now and had 0 issues with it streaming to my ps3 and i was able to stop and start the server at will depending on wether or not i wanted my files shared but since ive upgraded to pro in the last week ive had nothing but issues every time i restart my computer the server is disconnected and refuses to reconnect unless i reinstall tversity im running windows 7 home premium 64bit is there anyway to fix this issue or is it something in pro that is just broken any help would be appreciated

sorry its taken so long to reply i did what you said i uninstalled tversity restarted my comp looked at running apps then installed it looked at the running apps and then restarted again and looked at running apps again the only thing that changed from it being installed and before i restarted was 2 instances of media server and an instance of tversity in the running app section after the restart the media server instances never loaded and when i would click connect they would load but it still wouldnt connect so i tried doing the same thing with the free version to see what the differences were and what i noticed is after a restart on the free version the media server instances would auto load is it something on my end where in the pro version that the instances dont load or is it with the pro version thank you for your help so far :)

it loads everything normally but 1 service i did notice is called tversity media server and after a reinstall it says running but after a restart it never switches from starting to running and after a reinstall i have two instances of media server one with the username of system and the other under my name but after a restart the one under my name never starts does that have anything to do with the fact that the tversity media server service never goes from starting to running? if so what can i do about that i tried installing and running it in windows xp compatibility but there was no change and i tried it with the free version and the service had no issues going from starting to running after a restart

ive reinstalled the free version and screwed with it a bunch of different ways and every time i restart my comp it works just fine but as soon as i go back to the pro version i have to do a reinstall every time i restart my comp hope that helps a little

Install TVersity, then change the userID it runs under to your regular Windows ID (probably the name you saw on the second copy). viewtopic.php?f=24&t=49275#p104727 provides the directions…

ok i did a clean install i uninstalled it restarted cleaned out the registry of anything that might have been lurking in it restarted again did an install changed the service i dont use a password on my account since im the only one that uses my comp and now im getting a different error message saying error 1068:the dependency service or group failed to start so im thinking im putting the login info wrong but not sure where i tried both the administrator and the one that is straight just my name both of them give me that error message lol any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for all the help you have given so far i know this must be annoying you :D

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_fi ... _to_start'

Dig into that for a bit, then try again…

Not SURE what’s up since I don’t know what pieces are different.

I guess there is a process or service that gets killed by the install program that must be coming back once you reboot, but I’m not sure which one it is. Try getting a list of running processes and services on your PC before installing Pro from a reboot, then right after the install but before you reboot again, then after that reboot. Something running at the end is likely what’s interfering…

First test: reinstall the free version and see if all goes back to working order.

Next move depends on how that goes…

Did you also look at the services list before and after the install? You’d get that from: right-click on My Computer and select Manage; expand the Services and Applications tree item and click on Services.

I think SSDP was one of the things that used to be involved in this, but times may have changed.

If this doesn’t show anything different, take a shot at running the install program in XP compatibility mode by right-clicking on it and finding the Compatibility tab. Shouldn’t work any worse…

Your best bet when a change goes wrong is to reinstall. It should return to the orignal way of working, hopefully meaning no 1053.

Did you get a chance to see if your name was being used by the service? Started or not, the ID involved should have been there. I can’t say for sure that an error in the password causes the 1053 so you might want to try again.

And I am hoping that getting one copy of TVersity running under your name will duplicate the functionality of what you see when two copies are runnning and TVersity actually functions for you. This is just a test, not a ‘fix’…

Sorry i just got back from vacation and was able to go through your process of changing the service i went through the step by step explanation had no troubles changing it but now when i log in is still stays disconnected till i do a reinstall and the error message i get from the service is error 1053:the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. Did i make a mistake in changing the account properties in the log on or am i having issues in a whole different area? thank you very much for your help :)