Iphone call problem

I have had the phone since Jan and all has been good. Im currently in Sydney, so along way from a UK shop to have a look at the problem.

During some calls the sound goes followed by a very very loud grating noise which can only be heard by me, followed by the normal reception.

I have taken it to the shop in Sydney but they are unable to check much other then the amount of times calls are dropped. The above does not show up as the call is never cut and always returns.

Anyone had the same problems?

Am I right in saying its a phone issue rather then provider?

I also have some issues such as, when I try and answer a call by sliding across it cuts the call and at times I only get a blank screen.

Anyone able to offer help or am I going to have to fly home to London for help?


get it repaired

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I have a iphone 1.1.3 unlocked. I get it for us. I stay in india. The phone was working fine there but when I came back to inida it started gavg me tis problem. The thing is I can receive calls and message. I can even send messages but I cannot make any calls.

The problem of call drop many times and dull voice clearity doesnt leads to problem with the phone.
It may be a network problem due to the provider so in that case you need to restart your phone and select manually the network and evrything will be fine.

I hope your reading this AT&T because if you do not change your service soon, you will lose a lot of business as soon as the iPhone can be sold to your competitors!!! I have been more than dissatisfied with AT&T’s service, read the forums under “dropped calls”. Again, it may not be your phone but their service! I too have had where it goes directly to my voice-mail because it doesn’t have a signal and it’s only getting worse.

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