iPhone Transcoding Help

Ok so I am trying to use Tversity to transcode my DIVX AVI videos for PS3 to MP4 so I can watch them on my iPhone. So far, my only problem is that when Tversity transcodes, I don’t think it transcodes properly. The reason I think so, is because under the status tab in Tversity, I am able to see active streams and transcoding. When I play a file on my iPhone it shows in the status tab, but it says that it is streaming and transcoding from avi to ts. Shouldn’t it say avi to mp4? I’m not sure how to change this if this is the problem. I have seen a transcoding tab in the settings menu but there’s no option. Also, some people say I may need to upgrade to Pro for this to work, but can anyone tell me if I need to and how? Thanks!

I definitely see the chart and it seems like the Pro version is needed for iPhone viewing. I was hoping to not have to purchase the license, but maybe I will. Thanks anyway!

The chart at http://tversity.com/pro/ implies video on the iPhone requires Pro. Bad results on your part may be confirming that…