.iso playback?

I searched the forums and saw that .iso playback was being looked into, and that in the meantime they could be extracted to VOBs. I was wondering if there is any more talk of making .iso playback a real possibility? It would be really great if I could stream iso’s to my 360 with out having to go through all of the trouble of having to extract however many .iso’s I have.

Any word or talk about it?


this sort of works, you end up with the vob files showing up in the media library so not the dvd experience unfortunately.

Some official feedback on this would be nice

potential workaround that may meet your needs (but you’d have to mount each iso when needed) would be to use DaemonTools to emulate a DVD drive, which would then present your ISO as if it was a physical DVD media in a DVD drive (i.e. could see all the VOB files).

Can’t you just change the extension from.iso to .mpg, i’m sure that as worked for me in the past.

This would be FANTASTIC. I have ripped most of my DVDs to ISO format just to avoid having multiple files per DVD. Yes, I can mount them using Daemon Tools, but that is a manual process, and it really sucks when you have to get up off the couch to go mount an ISO when all you really want to do is watch a movie ;)


Agreed, assuming that the ability to play an .iso would also come with the ability to play a VIDEO_TS folder. This would rule. I’m sure the TVersity folks have had this asked of them before.

There is a command interface to daemon tools which you can exploit.

MyMovies uses this exact feature for mounting isos in media centre for playback…


If there is a tversity will - there is a way…

is there any more news on this?

Yes - this would a WONDERFUL addition to tversity.

Even if they required Daemon Tools to go with it - as long as it still would be automatic with the remote at the tv downstairs.

Yessss this would be a great option!

A certain program called Transcode 360 can already do it if I am not mistaken.

But there is one but…can you also implement the feature of selecting a standard selected subtitle language when playing ISO files or VIDEO_TS folers??? That would be great!!! REALLY great!!!

thank you for the best transcoding program I have seen till now…better than WMP11 and NERO…


I’m shocked that such a great product won’t play ISO files. This was almost the perfect uPNP server for me (even though it won’t stream to my XBMC box yet), but I was surprised to see it wouldn’t play any of my DVD ISOs. Since I have over 100 ISOs and counting, this is a major deal breaker. I’d gladly pay for a copy if they could implement this.

Being able to play .ISOs would be nice – but I have to say, for me personally, it’s not a big deal.

For most DVD movies, the only part of the DVD I care about is the movie itself – I’d just as soon not bother wasting drive space or network bandwidth on menus, trailers, commentaries, languages I don’t speak, and so forth.

So I’ve just stored the main feature of all my movie DVDs as MPEG2 files – not transcoded, but the DVD streams copied into an MPEG-PS container. They’re big, but still a good bit smaller than the .ISOs because all the extraneous stuff is removed, and it’s still a true copy of the DVD’s audio and video streams.

I guess the point in playing straight from the .ISO would be if you wanted DVD menus and chapter selection and such – but I think storing all that stuff would just be a waste of space.

Or have I misunderstood why people want this feature?

No, that’s exactly what I want - The full DVD experience. I realize that a lot of people just want to get the main movie and be done with it, but I want to feel like I’ve just put a DVD in my DVD player, with access to all the special features like deleted scenes, director commentary and the like.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how TVersity parses and mounts its media, but simple players like VLC and Zplayer seem to ‘just work’ when I drop an ISO on them, I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for TVersity to do the same.

Ah, that makes sense then. There are some (few) DVDs where I would actually like the “full DVD experience” as well – but only if the player would be able to skip those “forced” non-interactive things like FBI warnings, mandatory previews, and so forth.

But maybe it’s intrinsically difficult to do this in a streaming context? I mean, wouldn’t it at least partially be a client-side issue – with clients needing to be able to interact with menus and such?

Heh. I just got an extermal 500G USB HDD for my movie library – I’m already thinking I should’ve gone for the 1TB version instead, but even that probably wouldn’t be enough if I stored the full DVD ISOs for every movie.

VLC, of course, is just awesome at playing different formats. For some reason it always seems to me that VLC’s output is “washed out” or too bright – but that’s probably a question for another forum. :-)

Yes, it depends on the client, but all my clients are either Xbox Media Centers or MythTV machines, both of which work very well with DVD menus and ISO files.

As for storage space I currently have a 600GB PATA RAID 5 array for my main files and about 500GB of JBOD for my DVD images. I’m going to set up a 2TB SATA RAID 5 array (750GB x 4) for the DVDs and upgrade my 600GB array to a 1.5TB (500TB x 4) one. Yes, I’m insane.

Wow, that’s a lot of RAID array building. Are you setting up separate PCs for these (linux? windoze?), or using some kind of off-the-shelf RAID solution?

I’d like to eventually do something similar, but haven’t really investigated the options yet. I’m still at the early stage where I’m in the process of ripping all my DVDs to MPEG, and I still have plenty of space on my 500G USB drive ($129 at Best Buy - not bad!). But once I have gone through all the effort of ripping and converting all that material, I’ll definitely want to invest in some kind of HDD redundancy so I won’t lose all my DVDs at once if something bad happens…

I’m looking to do the same, but I’m kind of noob. I’m curious, what would be my best option for converting either ISO’s or a few split VOB files into a single MPEG file? Which program should I use to get this done?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

If your hardware likes divx, this ripping procedure gives very good results (with full surround sound):


AutoGK does all of this from one interface using all the tools described in this article.

Google it and download. The package includes all the required tools.

could really do with Tversity mounting / playing ISO.

I have spent about a week trying to find a better method … im going round in circles with this stuff … sooooooooooooo annoying !

Playing VOB direct gives you 5.1 audio but no chapters, if you have a crash you need to start from begining again :(