.iso playback?

Any news about this?

I tried renaming a iso to mpg and it worked in WMP11 (without menu,chapters and so on, it just skips them).
Strange that TVersity cannot play it when it brags it can play everything that WMP11 can play?

would also like news on this if anyone knows ?

im still using VOBs at the mo.

So whats the official status? This is a must have for me!

any update would be helpful.

Anyone tried mounting an ISO with Daemon tools that adding it as a TVersity dir ?


Is there still no update on this?
This feature would be soooo great, I’d spend $50 for it!

Adding in my voice for this as a feature I would pay for as long as it worked on the PS3. This would be superb differentiation for TVersity. Frankly most of the UPnP servers available for PS3 (and XBox 360) suck… none of them have any real "wow" features and this would step into that realm.


It would be THEEEE update…I would also be hwilling to pay to get that option . Being able to read a iso, so that we get the full DVD experience, would be amazing!! Tversity is by far the best supported prog out there. Would be usefull in my case for the language issie…Wife likes french and i prefer english…Really hope to see that feature (reading iso’s) soon!
For me the combo PS3 and tversity is the best bought of the last years!

Iso capability would be fantastic!

When i had my sd tv i was using my xbox with xbmc which was able to handle iso’s. Now with my new hd tv i want my ps3 to do the scaling. There are two things i would like before i would pay for Tversity, iso support, and netflix ;)


Without a doubt, my number one upgrade choice
Play .ISO files!
I would love to take a FULL DVD with menus, rip to ISO and have Tversity be able to stream that to my PS3…Wow. I’d love to hear this is on someone’s radar!!

been posting about ISOs forever and a day, never heard a peep from developers about this !

You mean something link PS3 Media Server ?? Except this one (currently) doesn’t support XBOX 360 (because of the XBOX behaviour).


OK - this question / feature to play ISO files directly allowing for the full DVD experience needs another nudge for 2009; I am beginning to think this is never going to happen - have we all given up. Does anyone know of an alternative streaming solution allowing for the full DVD experience???

Isn’t this just for a PS3 though? Or can this generally stream to other devices too?

they are working on that at this moment. see the site.


Great - that’s good news. Meanwhile I did see that PS3 media player does play DVD’s straight from a spinning disc which is useful but (using the Zyxel DMA-1000) I could not pause or FF etc without it losing connection with the Server. However, it does play direct from a DVD without needing to worry about which VOB file to choose, which is more than most can do - you just have to make sure that you play it all the way through then it’s near enough perfect.

Except, even though you can do this, you still do not get the full DVD experience which includes menus etc.

If any new DVDs come along though, at least my wife can just slap them in the tray and start up PS3 media - I would not expect her to convert the disc into a VOB first etc.

My whole hope is to use a streamer much like you can use a DVD player - so it completely replaces the need for a DVD player under the bedroom TV (or even the main TV) - by instead using the diminutive dimensions and complete silence of the DMA-1000.

In time I will create a DVD media library so that my wife can just flick through the movies - but I am not there yet. I am yet to fully decide what media server I want to use and many of them are really quirky including Nero MediaHome. However one main bonus for Nero’s product is that it can remote control the DMA-1000 without the need for me to hook a monitor directly onto it (I may have a need for this when hooking up to my Hi-Fi with the second DMA-1000 I purchased).

Seriously?! This isn’t a cruel joke, is it?

If you’re adding .ISO support, I’ll personally pay a bounty upon it’s completion. What a great and in-demand feature for a media server.

Just one question. If supporting .ISO, can you simply expose the package by offering what appears to be a folder with the actual files contained within it (in other words, imagine "serving" a .ZIP file, where the clients see the actual files contained within the .ZIP, and the .ZIP as a folder). Or would you have to transcode?

The reason I ask, is that it seems like a lot of overhead to transcode, when the stream is already in MPEG2 format. If transcoding was not required, but merely exposing the contents of the .ISO, then multiple people could watch videos, concurrently, from the same media server.

Thank you TVersity for a great feature-in-the-works!

Just trying to keep this tread alive…I really hope they come witht his feature in a near future. I am looking forward to a DVD like reading mode! Just have an ISO image of my DVD’s on my PC and be able to read the file just like the actual DVD (including menus, audio choices and subs)

Willing to even pay for those options. Tversity rocks already but with that capacity in extra it would be THE BEST outthere.

Hope it comes soon

Giving this thread a bump.

Is there any chance this will be availble? Free or Pro, either would be fine.

Thanks and keep up the hard work,

Andy :D

I was able to play ISO by renaming an ISO to a VOB. Movies played fine but with no sound. Please try this if you can get the sound…