Issues while using the new Xbox One supported pro version - 3.5

Hey all.

I have a few issues that I have run in to while using version 3.5 with an Xbox One and was hoping to get some feedback.

  • While running my Xbox One it will show up on the status menu in tversity it shows up as an Xbox 360.
  • There are times when my Xbox One will tell me that the video format I am trying to play is not supported by the system (This may be related to bullet #1 as tversity may not be transcoding appropriately for the Xbox One.)
  • Related to bullet #2, it appears that media that will normally stream does not stream and gives me the error shown in bullet #2 at times. I have not been able to replicate this error, however the issue presents itself with the media playing for 1-2 seconds on the first attempt, and then freezing. It will then not play anymore and only prompt me with the error that it is not supported.

Any thoughts or advice to assist me would be greatly appreciated.


It probably all comes down to the fact that it is recognized as Xbox 360 instead of Xbox one. In order to get to the bottom of this, we would need you to generate logs while using the Xbox (from discovery to selecting something to play and playing it). Can you do that please?

Instructions for generating logs are at: