Items locked in place since Windows update

PRO v3.8 user, been happy with TVersity for several years. This is a new issue, that only started recently, after a series of Windows 10 updates, so I am assuming that’s part of the issue.

All items in my library seem to be locked into the playback location they were at before the updates. Videos that have not been played can only ever by played from the start, not resumed.

Videos that had been played to some point, ALWAYS resume at that point, even if “Restart” is chosen. If they are played, subsequent viewings start at the previous point, not the new offset.

I would guess that however the program stores the value for “played to this point” for each video- either a database or file – has been locked, or had it’s permissions changed by an update, so that the program can’t reset it. I have ensured that obvious locations (program install folder, user AppData folders) have permissions correctly set, but that didn’t seem to help.

I am going to re-install, to see if that helps, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.



Re-installation is a good idea, just in case the database got somehow corrupted. In terms of resuming playback, this location is not saved on the server but rather on the device connected to your TV, What device are you using?

I stream to two XBox’es – one is an old XBox 360, and the other is an XBox One. I noticed the issue on the 360, but will check to see if it’s also happening on the One.

It’s most likely 360 related. Try hard rebooting it.

I re-installed TVersity, and then cleaned up my Xbox cache & storage unit – everything is working fine now! Thanks for the tip!