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I Can not seem to get my iTouch to Communicate with Tversity when i am trying to access my media library on the go. I followed the Tversity quick start guide and multiple forum posts. I am able to connect my xbox to Tversity and iTouch (when using my static ip address). I believe i have forwarded my Tversity Port correct on my router. I found a port checking tool on the internet and typed in the Default Tversity Port and it said it was open… When i open Safari and type in the (using the ip address form it comes up with the login page that requests my User Name and Password that i had Set up in Settings Inside Tversity. Once i enter the user name and password safari just continues to look for the server until i exit.

i am using Windows Vista on my PC, Does anyone have any ideas/troubleshooting tips??

Postby ronenmiz on Sun Jul 22, 2007 8:36 am

  1. Open a cmd prompt window (start menu > run -> type cmd and hit enter)
  2. Type ipconfig
  3. This is the IP address you need to use when you are at home

You can also test this via a browser on some other machine at your home network.

In order to do it on the go (when not at home) the IP is the one shown when you click on, but you will also need to setup port forwarding on your router.

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Apparently this is the solution… I had a good wireless connection when i tested it but it was streaming very slow…