Latest plugplayer and tversity pro

I’m a new user of PlugPlayer (installed yesterday, so latest-and-greatest), and I recently upgraded my Tversity Pro to 1.9.2. I have no problem streaming videos from Tversity through the native iPhone browser (all videos are .avi, but the Tversity transcoder works fine converting the files to play on the iPhone). PlugPlayer, however – which recognizes the Tversity service – displays every video as “Unknown Album - ” and, when I select a video, never plays.

PlugPlayer support indicated that it certainly used to work with TVersity, but that in recent versions TVersity may have made a change that treats PlugPlayer differently than the iPhone browser. Is there a configuration change I can set in Tversity to restore this function?

With no knowledge, I’d have to guess. Does PlugPlayer do any better if you set TVersity to not transcode?..

I hadn’t tried your suggestion before, but I already knew non-transcoded content won’t play because I can’t use plugplayer to work with any of the content directly from my NAS. I went ahead and disabled transcode, though, but I only succeeded in confirming the point.

I then tried a few other configuration changes (declaring different media playback devices, reducing the connection speed), but nothing seems to work. For example, when the playback device is set to automatic, I get a video playback window, but the stream won’t play. When I sent the playback device to iPhone, though, I get a speaker icon next to the filename as if it only recognizes an audio stream (playback still fails).

Does anyone have PlugPlay (now version 3.3.1) working with any version of Tversity? PlugPlay claims they used to work; can I backrev Tversity to something compatible?

Transcoding never worked with plugplayer. It is up to them to make it work, we are not doing anything special with respect to their player or any other player for that matter.

Email was sent.

Right, you didn’t treat PlugPlayer differently, you picked out “iPhone” from the user agent and assumed that it was an iPhone and sent a URL that would transcoded appropriately; has any of that code changed?

Yes, I’m using the pro version, and it transcodes just fine for the iPhone browser, but not for PlugPlayer. How do you determine when to transcode and into what format?

Nothing has changed with regard to user agent management. Did something change in PlugPlayer with respect to user agents? Are you from PlugPlayer?

Nothing should have changed on our side since we first got it working with tversity.

Yes, I’m from PlugPlayer, please contact me via email ( and perhaps we can figure out what changed where, and get them working together again.

That’s not true.

For many releases of tversity and PlugPlayer (starting with 1.1.0 in october 2008), tversity would automatically assume that PlugPlayer was an iPhone based on the "user agent". Then at some point in the future, PlugPlayer users started reporting that transcoding no longer worked. I do not know what changed in tversity, but I do not think the "user agent" text has changed since october 2008.

Last I checked, tversity would send the properly transcoded file to an iPhone browser, but would not send the same transcoding to PlugPlayer. What is it that PlugPlayer needs to do to "make it work"?

Thanks in advance.

Nothing has changed on our side. We never treated plugplayer differently, one way or the other. Of-course video transcoding for the iPhone requires the Pro version. Are you using it?