License Key

I purchased TVersity Pro, but I haven’t received my license key. Can you help?

Give up, i have just logged a refund with paypal.

This is strange… As soon as I logged a dispute with paypal I got a refund right away.

Like I said I would have much rather had the key, thats what I wanted, thats why I paid the money. But hey atleast I got a refund…

Anyone know of software that is like TVersity, works with iPad and is NOT Air Video, thats slow and rubbish.


btw in my dispute I did give details of two emails sent to info@ and billing@… with no response! Thats why I had no choice but to enter a dispute

Monster74, saw your comments here and a few other posts, but the thing that stuck me is that this post actually provides an email that you can use in order to resolve you issue. Have you attempted to contact the billing department at TVersity to try and see what they can do? And if so, what was the outcome?

We have had some mail server issues. Anyone that contacted outside of those issues got their key re-sent to them immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I had the same issue. Send an e-mail to the billing e-mail address ( and they’ll take care of you pretty quickly.

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