m4a files will not play on iPad via Tversity

I recently upgrade to Tversity Pro 1.9.3 so that I could stream media from my Windows Home Server machine to my iPad. I start Safari and enter the URL for Tversity. I then navigate to an m4a audio file and try to play it. However all I see in Safari is a picture of a loudspeaker with a crossed out play symbol superimposed on top of it. If I navigate to an mp3 file, this plays as expected. Curiously if I use my Windows XP machine and IE to play the m4a file, this works normally. In this case Windows uses QuickTime to actually play the file. It seems surprising that an iPad cannot stream my m4a files, which are DRM free by the way. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this working please?


same experience with my iPhone and Rel. 1.9.3 …
and same question :(

I’ve always had issues with m4a files. I usually convert them to mp3s. I think it comes down to the codec or software used to encode the audio that makes it unreadable by the ipad and iphone. I have the same problems with encoding movies using m4. I rarely do it and when I do, I mess up and have to re-encode it. Could a ipad application development team create a Tversity app that can play more codecs or is it arbitrary to the iOS?