MKV no sound (from PC directly to Philips 40PFL7605H/12 TV)


When trying out my new Philips TV (40PFL7605H/12).
I tried to use TVersity to stream my media content from my pc directly to my TV using the DLNA standard.
I didn’t change any of the settings on TVersity, just added some folders.
This works for virtually every format (mp3, MP4, DIVX u name it), but with MKV it doesn’t give me any sound ( it does display breathtaking video…used AVATAR as demo :-) ! ).
When I play the MKV file on my PC it does play the audio.
Its an x264 file with DTS sound if that helps:
[list]Runtime …: 02:41:42
Size …: 10.9gb
Video …: 1920x1080 (X264 @ 23.976fps)
Bitrate …: 8171kbps
Audio …: DTS 1509kbps
Source …: Retail R2 Blu-Ray
Lang …: English
Subs …: English, English(forced)[/list:u]
Any Ideas?



It is due to the compability problem or the mkv file is of inferior quality so not playing the sound.So check that out.

Other people, like me, have issues transcoding MKV. I’d say play with the ffdshow audio settings a while, and if that doesn’t help try to upgrade ffdshow…

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Try connect from any PC / Smartphone /tablet on the home-network to
Where is the IP of TVersity PC (the connected interface).
What is the result?

Hi timotheus,
may I ask how you set up the connection for your TV to see the PC?
I am also trying to go directly to my PC (from a Philips BluRay Player) and it says “unable to obtain IP address”, although I have manually typed in the PCs IP and it’s recognized in the network.
Has anyone a clue? Thanks.