Movies(MKV, MP4, ...) + Subtitle in XBOX360 (Win7)

Hi all,
i use one different method for watching movies + subtitle in my xbox360, all time im using Shark007 codecs for win 7 it have many feature and is up to date
so im try to use shark007 codecs and now i have good perfomance.

for this tutorial your windows user must be password protected, i recommended that unistall all coded pack from your computers because shark007 codec packs is awsome.

so see how i done it :
1 - download a version of shark007 win7 codecs every time i download it from

2 - install it like other program no setting is required for installing.

3 - after install is finished goto ‘All Programs -> Shark007 Codecs -> Settings Application’ and right on it the click on Run as administrator.
for first time shark007 install default settings and then program is come up.

4 - in the shark007 program goto SWAP tab and tick checkboxes like below picture :

5 - Goto Config tab in shark007 and in the righ panel choose FFDshow Decoder and click on the FFDshow video config’s button (like below picture) :

6 - in the FFDshow config tick Subtitle and ensure that right checkboxes is seleceted and then click ok and close shark007 program (like below picture) :

7 - open services (in Run type services.msc) and find Tversity service and double click on it (like below picture) :

8 -in the Tversity service properties goto Log On and select ‘this accuont’ and click on Browse button (like below picture) :

9 - in the input type your windows user name (my user is peyman) and then click on Check Names and then click on OK button (like below picture) :

10 - again in Tversity service properties in the Log On tab write your user password an then click Apply (like below picture) :

11 - then goto General Tab and one time click on Stop and the click on Start (like below picture) :

12 - enjoy your movies. :P

NOTE : if one day you want update your shark007 codec pack, first uninstall it then install new version never update it.

Sorry for bad writing and enjoy,