MP4 aspect ratio wrong on Xbox 360

I have been using TVersity for a long time, and almost all of the videos I stream to my 360 are AVIs, which I’ve never had any aspect ratio problems with. But I have an Mp4 file I am trying to stream that does not come out right on the tv – the video has a frame width of 720, but it plays on the tv at the boxy aspect ratio of a nonwidescreen show, with everything looking stretched and narrow to fit in. I tried messing with my video resolution settings in TVersity, but that hasn’t done anything. Any help?

Did you try to change the 360’s Display Mode to Stretch?..

If you have the need to change your MP4 video aspect ratio, you may follow the guide to change MP4 video aspect ratio

MP4 is typically sent to Xbox as is (unmodified), can you check that this is indeed the case here? Just look at the status page and see if it is transcoded or not and if it is streamed as mp4 or WMV.

If indeed no transcoding occurs it is an xbox issue, otherwise it may be a TVersity issue.