.MTS file on iPAD and iPHONE

I am using TVersity Media Server 2.6.
I want to play my handycam .MTS file on my iPAD and iPHONE.
Is it possible without having to convert in advance my .MTS files into another format?


Yes, TVersity will do the conversion for you while streaming to the iPhone. Just follow the guide at:

And make sure you have all the codec needed for playing M2TS.

How can I verify that I have the needed codec?
I suppose I do not have it since other videos run.
Where can I dowload it?

Additional info:
My OS is Windows 7.
Windows Media Player is playing well my handycam .MTS file.
I get “404 Not Found” on my iPAD for .MTS files.

I finally got it running by changing the extension from .MTS to .M2TS !!!

Is there a way to let know Tversity that .MTS files should be process as .M2TS?

My handycam generate .MTS files, not .M2TS files.

Not at the moment but we will look into it.