No Audio on Iphone 4

Tried everything (I think), but no audio on Iphone 4 (4.2), everything else and all other devices (PS2, X360) works perfectly. Iphone plays content (videos) smoothly - BUT no audio. Has anyone cracked this problem??? :D

Are you using the Pro version?..

Soundcards are still required last I knew…

bloody h… what do I do on a dedicated server running windows 2008 R2, usb soundcard??

There were mentions of a ‘virtual soundcard’ that did everything in software, but I don’t recall a practical example being supplied…

Yes I´m using the pro version, otherwise I would´nt even be able to se the video, but I have a thought, Tversity Pro is installed on a server without soundcard - could that be it??

I have an iPhone4 as well but I’m on 4.1, I had it working no problem before and the only thing I can think that changed is that I copied my entire movie database from an external usb drive to a Time Capsule 1tb.

If anyone has found a problem as to why you get no sound from streaming video’s to the iphone. Yes I am using PRO and like I’ve said I’ve had it working perfectly before, it’s just all of a sudden now it’s not working.

This is going to sound crazy, but it worked. I stopped getting sound again on the iphone 4. I tried everything. It turns out, that I didn’t have any speakers or headphones hooked up to my desktop. Windows 7 automaically shuts down the audo if nothing is plugged in. As soon as I plugged in some headphones. Tversity started transcoding audio again to my iphone. I have repeated to make sure this is a fix. :-)

I had the same problem and was able to get it working today. Uninstall the Tversity codec pack as well as ffdshow. Then get the CCCP codec pack. Restart the computer(Very important) Start the media server and it started working for me. I can’t get movies with DTS to work (Just static) so if anyone can fix that, please let me know.